Our Mission Vision


The Benedictine Institute of Learning aims to provide the highest standard of quality education that will mold the youth to become professionals and dream citizens of tomorrow.

It hopes further to open the youth’s gateway to bigger opportunities and to promote their physical well-being and the formation of their values and attitudes that would produce the models of the future.


To be the primary source of model citizens with knowledge, values and attitudes that are exceptionally above standards.

To be an environmentally conscious institution for the employees, parents, guardians, and students to enjoy impeccable surroundings, clean and healthful conditions at all times.

To establish a school that is administratively tight, financially sound, cost efficient, humane and one that provides its employees with rewards and merits commensurate to their involvement in its growth.

To ensure that the school, its employees, and students project a professional image and an asset to the community and the country.

To attain and maintain its goals and objectives beyond the norms of learning standards.

To ensure the comfort, safety and security of its employees, parents, guardians and students by all means possible.